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New Parasol: Cache-Cache Wood


New Parasol: Cache-Cache Wood

Sywawa’s surprising inside   Sywawa is expanding its collection of design parasols for the summer of 2017 with the refined Cache-Cache Wood model. “It has a surprising inside” says Pierre Christiaens, CEO.

Wake up!

Sywawa is a collection of design parasols that is shaking up the slumbering world of parasols with surprising designs. The slogan “Sunbelievable Design Parasols” conveys that philosophy. Anyone who wants to stand out, to take a risk, who loves design and wants to surprise the guests on their patio, will opt for a Sywawa parasol. Goose bumps, individuality and sensuality characterise the brand.

Ready or not, here I come!

Cache-Cache is the French name for “hide and seek”. And indeed: the surprise is on the inside of this refined parasol. From the outside it looks like a simple, wooden parasol. However, when you open it you discover delicate lace that completely covers the inside. And that is when the Cache-Cache comes completely to life.

International awards

The Sywawa brand of parasols does not just claim to be “design” but it is recognised by the international design community as a supplier of top designs. The 17 international design awards bear testament to that. Recently, the company received another 2 new trophies, namely 2 Good Design Awards of The Chicago Atheneum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

The designers

The Cache-Cache Wood is the joint creation of designers Lieven Musschoot and Mathias Hennebel, in collaboration with Sywawa Creative Studio. Mathias and Lieven live and work near Bruges and previously designed the Paddo parasol and the Brandy fire basket for Sywawa. The pair is a regular supplier of new, creative ideas.

More about Mathias Hennebell:                       

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