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Parasols for breweries and advertisers

Food & beverage producers, breweries and advertising agencies

Parasols for breweries and advertising agencies

Symo Parasols is an expert in advertising parasols

As a brand manager and marketing manager, do you prefer to opt for POS materials that you can show off your brand on? Are you convinced that a brand becomes stronger as it makes the right strategic alliances, sharing the same values with its trading partners? Then collaborating with Symo Parasols is an ideal brand pairing.

Symo parasols is an expert in producing 100% Belgian parasols, purchasing its raw materials within an 80-km radius of Bruges. Most of the food & beverage brands that use Symo parasols as their advertising medium, opt for this local production that offers high durability and personalised customer service as its main added value. 

Since Symo has delivered over 1,000,000 parasols since 1932, it is also the European producer with the greatest expertise. Thanks to this know-how, you can turn to Symo as an experienced producer to have your own advertising parasol designed and printed with your logo. Symo has decades of experience in designing both authentic parasol shapes and sizes and contemporary design parasols (cf. Sywawa Parasol range).

Parasols for breweries and advertising agencies

The most diverse personalisation techniques are used at Symo parasols, from the oldest to the most modern: lacework, embroidery, screen printing, digital printing, laser cutting, etc. We also help buyers and purchasing managers to import parasols from abroad. Thanks to our production partners, we can have parasols tailor made professionally. Tell us what you want, and we will offer you the right product.

Advertisers make particular demands on their parasols. They must support the brand at all times, be easy to use and preferably boost consumption. In addition, every advertiser wants a unique look and not a dime-a-dozen parasol.

Service is important too: placing the parasols with the right hospitality company on time, reporting, carrying out repairs, winter storage. Ask after our personalised solutions.

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