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Buy parasols for the hospitality industry: free tips for sturdy parasols that last for years

Buy catering parasols - example from the Grand Place in Bergen

What do you learn in this blog article? • Warning: there are 2 types of parasols • How to choose the right parasol for your business • How to earn more with your parasols • Why do parasols give more profit than other investments in your terrace? • How do you determine the right size? • Stormproof and windproof: request wind guarantee on paper 1. Discover the super parasol that gives wings to your catering terrace There are 2 types…

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How to find the best floating or hanging parasol?

Sonata floating parasol: all the space under the floating roof remains free

What do you see in this article? What is the difference between a cantilever parasol, a hanging parasol or a wall parasol? What are the sizes and shapes? Is there a wind guarantee? Which bases can you choose? Can my cantilever parasol be equipped with wheels? Does it come with a parasol cover? What is a cantilever parasol, a hanging parasol or a wall parasol? If you search the Internet, you will find different words for the same or almost…

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How to design the right advertising parasol for your business.

35 tips for POS marketing that really bring in the money Advertising parasols are now a permanent fixture in the street scene of any town or city. They can attract existing fans of the brand to your terrace or point of sale, but they can also tempt wavering customers to buy your products on impulse. So how do you choose the right advertising parasol for your brand? What shapes and what kinds of printed message work best? What are the…

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Parasols – 4000 years of functional beauty

February 10th is World Parasol Day. Parasols have been in use for several thousand years as protection against the sun. In the distant past, parasols were made with the large leaves, wood and palm branches which people found around them. Techniques discovered later allowed the use of animal hides or paper. The parasol took on its familiar modern form as long as 4000 years ago, appearing in the art of the ancient Egyptian, Assyrian and Chinese cultures. Parasols were fairly…

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Start the season in style

a dirty parasol next to a cleaned parasol

The terrace of a café, hotel or restaurant is the first thing passers-by will notice, it’s the showpiece. So the old saying really applies to your terrace: you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Just think how it makes you feel if you wander past an untidy terrace with dirty, worn-out parasols. If the terrace looks uncared-for, that doesn’t inspire confidence in the rest of the business. People will be quick to decide that what comes…

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How much do parasols bring in?

Yield parasols - well performing terrace

While many catering businesses invest primarily in their terrace furniture, it is, in fact, the parasols that bring in extra revenue for your terrace. Nice tables and chairs are important for the comfort of your customers, but it isn’t the tables that allow them to sit comfortably on the terrace in the blazing sunshine, and the chairs won’t keep them dry if it rains. So you should select high-quality parasols from the world go. The initial cost may be higher,…

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Winter Service

Parasols before and after cleaning during Symo Winterservice

You’ve invested in high-quality parasols because of the returns they bring, now you want to keep them in top condition. If you bring them indoors during the winter, you’ll need space to store them safely. Space you would probably prefer to use to serve your customers. Sound familiar? Then the Symo Winter Service may be what you’re looking for. No storage headaches for you, and when spring comes your terrace will look sparkling new. What’s included in the Symo Winter…

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Sywawa launches new design parasol at Il Salone del Mobile!

Visit us at the Il Salone del Mobile fair and meet our brand new Geisha Parasol! The well known Dutch designer Marcel Wanders created our brand new Geisha Design Parasol. We are very proud to introduce this SUBLIME DESIGN PARASOL to the public on the fair Il Salone del Mobile in Milan from 17th till 22nd of April. Come and visit us in Hall 10 on stand F16 and we’ll introduce you to our GEISHA PARASOL!

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Sywawa in the Spanish press

sombrilla-terraza gulliver symo parasols

Articles in Spanish magazine on “Garden & Terrace” The Spanish magazine Brico Decoracion, which specializes in “Garden & Terrace”, has dedicated several pages to our Sywawa design parasols under the title of “Parasols for design terraces”. You can view the articles here: Article 1 • Article 2

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Video: Cape Wood parasol opens with autolift system.

Cape Wood parasol opent met autolift systeem

You’ll never believe how easy our Cape Wood parasols opens and closes. Do you think opening and closing your terrace parasol is a hassle? Check this short movie and convince yourself that opening and closing your parasol with our autolift system is a piece of cake! Our Cape Wood parasol is made from Eucalytpus wood from a sustainable responsible supply chain. (FSB and Sedex certificates)

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The Frou Frou Parasol Dances to the Rhythm of the Wind

Frou Frou parasol valt in de smaak bij designers en architecten

Archi-living, a global web magazine created by architects and designers visited our stand at the Salon del Mobile 2017 in Milan. Our popular and unique Frou Frou parasol caught their attention. Archi-Living was so impressed with the daring design of this remarkable parasol that they wrote a wonderful article about it. Read an excerpt: … the parasol technique is hidden from the view (it’s situated on the top of the parasol) and the raffia freely hangs in the wind. This…

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Gulliver Parasol on French TV!

Chateau Castigno, Assignan - Gulliver Parasol

Our Gulliver Parasol stars in this French TV interview! Our Gulliver parasols stars on French TV! Thanks to our Belgian friends at the Château Castigno in Assignan.

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New Parasol: Cache-Cache Wood

Cache Cache Wood

Sywawa’s surprising inside Sywawa is expanding its collection of design parasols for the summer of 2017 with the refined Cache-Cache Wood model. “It has a surprising inside” says Pierre Christiaens, CEO. Wake up! Sywawa is a collection of design parasols that is shaking up the slumbering world of parasols with surprising designs. The slogan “Sunbelievable Design Parasols” conveys that philosophy. Anyone who wants to stand out, to take a risk, who loves design and wants to surprise the guests on…

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Sywawa revamps the traditional straw beach parasol.

Tahiti parasols gesloten

Sywawa is expanding its collection of designer parasols for 2017 with the colourful Tahiti. Designer Mark Gabbertas: ”The Tahiti parasol is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional straw beach parasol that is strikingly reminiscent of distant and exotic beaches”. Iconic and contemporary Mark Gabbertas likes to see how far he can go in re-inventing an existing and well-known iconic object by experimenting with materials, shapes and colours. With the Tahiti parasol, he is making a completely contemporary statement based on…

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Experience shade in a unique way with the Shadylace designed by Chris Kabel

Unieke schaduwervaring onder de Shadylace parasol

Lounging under a tree on a sunny day and enjoying its shade is bliss. That feeling is what Chris Kabel based this classic amongst design parasols on. The Shadylace was born and was one of the first designs to have a permanent place in the Sywawa Sunbelievable Design Parasols collection. The cover is designed with a leaf structure, with beautifully shaped branches, twigs and leaves. In this way, the sun bathes you in leafy shade as if you were sitting…

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Bamboo Beach Blankenberge

Bamboo Beach Blankenberge springt creatief om met de Frou Frou parasol

Bamboo Beach in Blankenberge shows us how creative you can be placing our Frou Frou Parasols! We wish them a great season and many satisfied customers sipping cocktails in the shade of one of our fantastic Frou Frou Beach Parasols! Check-out some pictures of our Frou Frou Parasols on Bamboo Beach.

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