Creating Parasols for Professionals

Heavy duty, professional parasols. Also for private individuals

Since 1932, Symo Parasols has been the expert in strong umbrellas for professionals. Each catering terrace is different and each works in its own way. That's why we offer a wide range of good solutions for all kinds of terraces.

Of course, this also applies to you as a private person: your garden is different from your neighbour’s one. You are unique and therefore your terrace is also an exclusive place. That is why you wish to buy a garden parasol that is specific to your terrace. Not the same parasol you see everywhere.

Professional parasols for demanding people

What distinguishes a professional parasol from the cheap stuff you can buy in DIY stores and garden centers ?

  • they last for years instead of 1 or in the best case 2 seasons
  • storm- and windproof, with a firm wind guarantee, on paper (ask for it !)
  • water- and weatherproof, they protect you not only from the sun but also from the rain
  • easy and fast opening / closing
  • 10 year guarantee against discoloration of the beautiful cloth (nobody gives more guarantee than Symo Parasols)
  • Periscopic system so that you can open and close the parasol without having to put tables and chairs away.

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"Inspiration book"

Each terrace is different. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right parasol. In this book we take you with us on several trips.

Our customers testify

Annick Allemeersch

Very friendly welcome. Enormous involvement of the employees. I was helped by Peter who gave me tremendous expert advice about the kind of parasol in my small garden. I didn’t have an appointment and yet neither time nor effort was spared to offer me an optimal service. For me a wonderful experience with your company! Many can take an example.

Myriam Van Bavel – Barcosport

Good and friendly service and fast delivery. We are definitely going to make a lot of use of the parasols this week!

Annemie Bevers

Good work done by friendly people. Both by email and phone.

Agnes Pauwels

Good information, pleasant telephone conversation and correct delivery

C. De Cuyper

Ease of use parasols

Personal advice: the right parasol for your terrace

Chinese imports can be found on impersonal webshops and mass shops. Symo Parasols does not believe in this characterless approach. We believe in a real conversation with a real person. Our experienced parasol coaches will give you the best and personal advice tailored to your needs. We do not believe that this is superfluous luxury, but the best, modern approach.

Our coaches will ask you some questions to understand exactly how you want to use your parasols. Only when the parasol coach is completely sure that he understands you, he will propose the one parasol that suits you best.

  • A large 5m jumbo parasol
  • A waterproof floating parasol with base
  • A trendy design parasol
  • An extra large model ?

The best parasol for your unique terrace.

Make an appointment with your parasol coach without any commitment.

Your parasol coach helps you choose the right parasol

Handmade in Belgium

Handmade in Belgium is an authenticity label awarded exclusively to producers of genuine, handmade quality products.

Many people are once again looking for authentic parasols, fascinated by craftsmanship and technical know how. This major trend is exploding worldwide as a countermovement against digitisation and globalisation. Made in China is out. Handmade in Belgium is hot.

Symo Parasols manufactures your garden parasol in its own workshops of more than 3,000 m2 in Bruges.

Handmade in Belgium is something that is very much on the up. This is what Georges Van Bastelaere from the town of Lochristi writes in a letter from a reader in “ Het Nieuwsblad,” in the middle of the Corona crisis:

"Just think of the bad consequences of outsourcing production. Consumers often experience at first hand that imported products do not meet the requirements. This inferior quality is popularly referred to as Chinese broth. Why can't production take place here in Europe?"

Directly from the manufacturer to your garden

Another advantage of Handmade in Belgium: your Symo parasol does not pass through exporters, importers, wholesalers and shops or showrooms of all kinds. Directly from the factory to your terrace or garden.

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