Symo Retro 2100 Standing


This outdoor heater fits perfectly in the retro design trend. In a very successful way it refers to ‘the time of yesteryear’.

The Retro is reminiscent of antique cinema and theatre spots. You could perfectly focus on the person who had to be ‘in the spotlight’. The copper colour refers explicitly to the theatre world of the past.

The retro is suitable for your hotel and catering business as well as for your home. Easy to move around and easy to focus on the person you want to warm up. The Retro appliance refers to the past and at the same time meets today’s requirements. It is IP55 approved and therefore spray and rainproof. You can use it in the rain. The carbon fibre lamps are highly efficient.

The heating has 3 intensities: 900 watts, 1200 watts and 2100 watts. The operation is easy and manual.

In combination with the motion detector you give your guests warmth and comfort when they need it. When there is no one left on the terrace, you don’t consume any energy. Ideal for the winter terrace.