The Wavehouse Atlantis

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The Wavehouse Atlantis, Dubai - Tahiti Parasol
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai
Year: 2020

Atlantis is one of the most renowned hotels in the Dubai hotspot. Built at the end of the sunny Palm Islands, it offers hotel facilities as well as many restaurants, a dolphin bay, sports facilities and multiple events.

The Wavehouse is one of the central restaurants. On the terrace you will find yourself in a surfer’s paradise. The beat of the music, the furniture, the umbrellas, in short the complete furnishing brings you immediately in the right mood.

For that purpose, the designer saw a leading role for our ‘Tahiti’ parasol. The colour combination from yellow to red blends seamlessly into the concept. The picture fits perfectly. The parasols protect the visitors from the intense heat. The attractive and outspoken design creates the right atmosphere.

Interior-360 guided and advised the studio ‘Bishop Design’ in choosing the Tahiti from Symo Parasols.
The Tahiti parasol is a design by Mark Gabbertas


Tahiti Parasol

Design by Mark Gabbertas for Symo Parasols The colourful Tahiti parasol is a contemporary interpretation of traditional straw beach parasol, evoking dreams of distant, exotic beaches. The beauty of this professional designer parasol lies in its simplicity. With the lightest of touches we bring the somewhat dull and monochrome straw …

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